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DACA Environmental, Inc. has successfully performed for us several Federal Funded sewer construction repairs and pump station rehabilitations. They are responsive, economical and have always performed above the required standards in the construction industry....
Eduardo A. Gandolfo
Michello, Inc.
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About Us
We are a premier South Florida based contracting organization specialized in the construction of water & wastewater treatment facilities and underground utility infrastructure for municipal, governmental and private institutions and clients.
We provide a full spectrum of construction services with the resources needed to solve today’s environmental problems.
To provide state-of-the-industry construction concepts combined with proven methods in pre-construction planning and scheduling, project management and construction installations.
For over 30 years, DACA has established itself as an industry leader, servicing over 6,000 customers within Florida and the Caribbean, on budget and on time.
  • DACA’s management experience and quality services facilitate a wide spectrum of construction services with an emphasis on personalized client support.

  • Clients develop a close relationship with the DACA Team to build effective partnerships
  • Cost-effective construction services
  • Efficient management of project completion timelines
  • Development of new and more economic methods of effectively installing, restoring and maintaining sewer collection systems, water distribution systems, water and sewer treatment and storm drain
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