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The City of South Miami highly recommends Daca Environmental, Inc. for construction of environmental projects to include site clearing, underground and sewer utilities, pump stations, construction/rehabilitation, paving and drainage projects.
Ajibola Balogun
City of South Miami
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Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Survey

What is a Sanitary Sewer System?
It is the network of pipes running underground and other facilities, such as pump stations that collect and transport the wastewater from the houses to the wastewater treatment plants. At the treatment plant, the wastewater is processed (treated) before being returned to the environment.

What does the sanitary sewer system do?
First by gravity, the pipes convey the wastewater downstream through the pipes from one point to the next. When the pipes are too deep, pumping stations do the work by pushing the wastewater through the pipes until it reaches the treatment plant.

The sanitary sewer system could be either PUBLIC or PRIVATE. Sanitary sewers on the public right-of-way and maintained by the local utility are considered public sanitary sewer systems. If the sanitary sewer systems are within private properties, they are normally considered private. Within Miami-Dade County there are approximately 730 facilities with private pump stations and approximately 1,420 public pump stations currently in operation.

Why is it needed?
If the wastewater is not properly collected and transported to the treatment plants to be treated, the raw wastewater might end up into our canals, lakes or beaches. Human contact with bodies of water contaminated with wastewater could cause illness. If those bodies of water cannot be used due to contamination, it would mean that no swimming, fishing or any human activity could be permitted in those surface waters.

What is PSO?
It is a Private Sanitary Sewer Operating Permit for the operation of all privately owned or operated sanitary sewer systems within Miami-Dade County.

The Private Sanitary Sewer Operating Permit is necessary because it is the mechanism in which Environmental Resources Management monitors and regulates all privately owned or operated sanitary sewers within Miami-Dade County. By implementing this program, compliance and proper operation of the private sewer system can be ensured.

Why do we need an SSES?
Pursuant to Chapter 24 of the Miami –Dade County Code, the Second Cycle for the SSES was due by November 12, 2012. The completion of this work will require that the sanitary sewer collection system be surveyed and/or tested to assure compliance with the Code.

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